"What I Want for My Life" Webinar - Post Secondary Education & Other Higher Educational Opportunities


2 to 3:30 p.m., July 6, 2023


Please join this panel of self advocates as they share their community college and higher education experiences, along with exploring what is available for people with disabilities pursuing higher education. The webinar will include young people starting opportunities during high school transition and people who advocated for higher education in adulthood. Information will include funding strategies, barrier busting when people were discouraged from pursuing college, what supports and advocacy helped, and tips to help others as they explore college dreams.


The "What I Want for My Life" webinar series, led and presented primarily by self advocates, explores the broad range of self determined experiences and strategies through the employment lens. The employment journey from transition, continuing education, career advancement throughout the employment years, building relationships, and becoming a self advocacy leader compose the topics. This is series is for people with disabilities/self advocates, their supporters, providers, support coordinators, teachers, rehabilitation counselors, and family members.


Sonoran Center