Project I-AADAPT

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Project I-AADAPT: IDD/Aging/Dementia

 Identifying and addressing Alzheimer’s and dementia in adults with IDD through prevention and training. 


Project I-AADAPT (Identifying and Addressing Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Adults with IDD through Prevention and Training) was initiated based on the support from the Arizona Attorney General’s office in 2016 to expand the local capacity to address the needs of people (and their families and care partners) with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. After inviting the Nation Dementia Capable training developed by the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practice, we established a state-wide taskforce with interested individuals and organizations who share our mission.

We currently provide bi-monthly IDD/Aging/Dementia Health Care Advocacy Workshops and in May 2023 hosted a virtual, state-wide conference which invited a broader reaching IDD and Aging partners.



  • Welcome and Introduction: 0:00 - 4:43
  • Keynote: 4:51 - 22:48
  • Me for a Minute: 24:20 - 32:13
  • Adapting Ways We Provide Support: 45:34 - 1:45:32
  • Me for a Minute: 1:45:50 – 1:54:36
  • Finding Joy in Life as We Approach End of Life: 2:00:49 – 2:56:39
  • Me for a Minute: 3:02:34 – 3:12:12
  • Clinical Significance: Identification/Screening and System Navigation: 3:26:15 – 4:38:11
  • Me for a Minute: 4:38:57 – 5:01:50
  • Accessing Support and Services - Presentation: 5:07:33 – 6:35:25
  • Accessing Support and Services - Panel Q&A, and Discussion: 6:46:17 – 7:13:54
  • Closing: 7:14:00 – 7:19:33


Please contact Yumi Shirai, PhD, at if you have any questions.