State-of-the-State in Transition Services in Arizona

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State-of-the-State in Transition Services in Arizona


In 2020, the Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities at the University of Arizona, conducted a statewide assessment of transition services in Arizona to identify exemplary practices, areas of need, and make actionable recommendations for improvement. A mixed-methods qualitative and quantitative approach was utilized to gather information from 75 interviews and 102 surveys with school and employment services personnel who provide transition services throughout the state’s many diverse communities. Data were analyzed and used to highlight specific practices and needs. These methods were analyzed together to identify the ways that transition services face different challenges and opportunities in Arizona’s geographically distinct regions and communities. Principal among these are the state's diverse urban, suburban, rural, and tribal serving communities.


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 Funding for this project was made possible in part by the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, ISA # ADDPC-0803-03-2020