ArtWorks: 3 Steps to Connection

Attendees gather in at the BIO5 Institute for the opening ceremony of 3 Steps to Connection

ArtWorks: 3 Steps to Connection

A virtual art workshop for people with disabilities.


ArtWorks: 3 Steps to Connection is a virtual art workshop format that developed from experiences at ArtWorks art studio and gallery team during the COVID-19 pandemic. This virtual art workshop allows artists with disabilities to explore different cities and landscapes where they have had connections with or have never been to, learn related cultural or art practices (music, dance and visual arts), and expand visual art skills through group interactions. With support from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, we refined this format and expanded the workshops to another disability group—people with paralysis. This allows growth in the ArtWorks artists network in the community, involving disability artists in virtual instruction, connection, and exhibition opportunities.


Please contact Yumi Shirai, PhD, at if you have any questions.


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