Arizona Sonora Border Projects for Inclusion

Man on a wheelchair welding

Arizona Sonora Border Projects for Inclusion

A low-cost, durable medical equipment project.


The mission of Arizona Sonora Border Projects for Inclusion (ARSOBO) in Nogales, Mexico is to provide medical devices, made by individuals who use the same device, to alleviate barriers and enhance the potential of those with a disability. ARSOBO operates under three principles:

  1. Train and then employ those who use the medical devices that they will build for others.
  2. Charge for these devices, but only what the families can afford.
  3. Work toward a sustainable ‘social business’.

Work being done at ARSOBO includes the fabrication of all-terrain wheelchairs, the development of prosthetics using 3D printing technology, hearing screenings and the distribution of hearing aids, community outreach events, and more.



For more information, contact Sonoran Center affiliate faculty and ARSOBO co-founder Dr. Burris "Duke" Duncan.

Duncan Burris, MD
(520) 907-7865